Restrictions on the supply of ventilators and tomographs from abroad have been lifted in Russia

In Russia, restrictions on the purchase of foreign electrocardiographs, defibrillators, ventilators and a number of other medical products have been lifted. The corresponding government decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Restrictions on the purchase of certain types of medical devices manufactured abroad were introduced in order to stimulate the production of domestic radio-electronic products.

According to the decree, restrictions on the purchase of mammographs, tomographs, electrocardiographs, mobile X-ray machines, otorhinoscopes, glucose analyzers, intraocular pressure tonometers, ultrasound machines, defibrillators, arrowheads, ventilators are lifted.

However, restrictions on a number of other medical devices remain. In particular, antiseptics, medical clothing, gauze and bandages, masks, crutches, walking sticks and some others. These products can be purchased from members of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The requirements for confirming the compliance of the supplied radio-electronic products with the necessary characteristics are also being clarified. In particular, manufacturers of Russian goods must provide the number of registry entries and information on the total number of points for meeting technological conditions, if this is provided for by a government decree.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to introduce a point system to assess the localization of production in Russia for certain types of medical products. The project provides for the transfer of the criteria for determining the level of localization of the production of medical devices to a point assessment system and a gradual increase in the percentage of Russian components that are used in their production.