The government has established a minimum mandatory share of purchases of Russian goods. The quota mechanism will also apply to medical equipment and medical goods. So, for example, the share of domestic wheelchairs from 2021 in public procurement should be at least 50%. “The quota mechanism will enhance the effect for the domestic industry from the existing system of bans and restrictions on the purchase of imported products. Quotas will help stimulate customers immediately, at the pre-project stage, lay down Russian equipment and machinery, as well as plan and build a procurement policy, focusing on the existing competencies of Russian manufacturers, ”said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

The size of the quota is differentiated taking into account the current competencies and capabilities of Russian manufacturers; a gradual increase in the quota is also expected. This will allow industrial companies to progressively increase production capabilities, and customers – to plan purchases for the medium and long term. The Ministry of Industry and Trade notes that in order to achieve the minimum share of purchases, only goods included in the Russian and Eurasian registers of industrial products, the register of Russian radio-electronic products, as well as in the Catalog of goods, works, services can be taken into account.

As the mechanism is tested, its implementation is analyzed, and on the basis of information about the capabilities of the domestic industry, the mechanism will gradually expand. In addition, it is planned to toughen the liability of customers for non-fulfillment of the established quotas.