From July 1, 2020, mandatory labeling of drugs is introduced in the Russian Federation

In accordance with Federal Law of 12.04.2020 No. 61-FZ On the Circulation of Medicines, from July 1, 2020, the Russian Federation introduced mandatory labeling of medicines.

The system for monitoring the movement of drugs for medical use was developed in accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation of February 4, 2015 No. Pr-285.

Implementation of a system for monitoring the movement of drugs (drug labeling):

– will provide citizens with high-quality, effective and safe medicines;

– protects the legal market from counterfeit medicines and allows you to automatically withdraw pharmaceutical products from circulation that do not meet the established requirements for quality, efficiency and safety;

– It will ensure transparency of supplies and the development of fair competition in the pharmaceutical market, the prevention of inefficient costs and budget savings due to the inability to implement schemes of “re-stuffing” of drugs;

– allows you to control the targeted movement of drugs purchased from the budget, the costs of their acquisition; monitoring of marginal retail prices for VED drugs;

– It will provide an opportunity for citizens of the Russian Federation to independently verify the legality of a purchased (received) drug using a mobile application on a smartphone and send complaints in case of violations. When scanning the code on the package, the buyer will receive information about the name of the medicine, manufacturer, packaging, shelf life, status of the code, etc.