You have a chance to sell new medical products from the list in 15 days, and if you have instructions and technical conditions in 7 days.

What you need:

– to be a manufacturer of a medical device from the list, or its authorized representative, or to be able to obtain a power of attorney from the manufacturer to represent his interests;

– be confident in the quality of the product;

– the minimum amount of money to start;

– promptly provide documentation upon request.

How it works:

  1. send the following to mail

– list of products for registration,

– inform which country of production,

– inform us if there is an instruction, technical file (technical conditions),

  1. get an offer,
  2. sign the contract,
  3. we collect and prepare documents,
  4. provide a minimum of documents from the manufacturer,
  5. after 3 days we submit the registration dossier,
  6. in 7 days the Registration Certificate will be issued,
  7. sell goods,
  8. within 1 month you provide products for testing,
  9. we carry out the necessary tests, submit a file confirming the quality, effectiveness and safety of your medical devices.

The offer is limited.

Let’s do something good together to maintain our health and the health of the nation.