Prime Minister Mishustin suspended the restriction on the trade in medical masks

A week after the introduction, the prime minister froze the wholesale restrictions on masks, gloves and protective equipment. Since April 6, the Roskhimzashita Corporation has been appointed the sole supplier.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree (RBC has a copy) that introduces a temporary moratorium on the government decision of April 3 to impose restrictions on the wholesale and retail sale of medical masks, filtering respirators, medical gloves, gauze and protective clothing sets. The moratorium also applies to permission to conduct wholesale trade in masks only by JSC Corporation Roskhimzashita (controlled by “Rostec”).

Officially, the document has not yet been published. RBC familiarized with it, the authenticity of the document was confirmed by two RBC interlocutors familiar with it. The profile publication Vademecum also wrote about the appearance of the document.

According to the original ruling, it was assumed that a special regimen for the sale of medical protective equipment would last 90 days.

The decree prohibited the retail sale of goods from the list in ordinary stores and other points that do not have a license to carry out pharmaceutical activities “in the retail sale of pharmaceuticals for medical use”. Pharmacies and other organizations that have the appropriate license have been set a markup limit on products from the list of no more than 10 kopecks. per piece or friend unit of goods. Wholesalers were forbidden to increase the purchase price by more than 10% at each stage of the distribution chain of the wholesale supply of goods.

The assistant to the Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, Alexei Kuznetsov, told RBC that the agency was concerned about the current situation with how medical organizations were provided with personal protective equipment. According to him, hospitals have been allocated funds from the federal and regional budgets, but due to a shortage in the market, medical institutions are faced with a lack of necessary procurement positions.