The Russian manufacturer of medical devices for interventional cardiology, Stentex, founded by Renova Group of Viktor Vekselberg and Irish Medtronic, received a registration certificate for the system of drug-eluting coronary stents Sirolimus under the Yukon Choice PC brand and Yukon Chrome PC developed by the German-Indian Translumina GmbH. The production site „Stentex“ in Skolkovo is indicated as the production address.

The regulator approved the circulation of coronary stents with two production addresses – in Hechingen (Germany) and Russia on July 21, 2021. Clinical trials of stents took place at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences and ended in early June 2021.

In 2016, Medtronic and Renova Group of Companies created a joint venture Stentex in Russia for the production of coronary stents, catheters and balloons used in the treatment of acute coronary syndrome. At the same time, Stentex received the status of the only supplier of coronary stents for a period until 2022 – clinics are not obliged to purchase products from Stentex, but it is possible to conclude an agreement with this company without holding a tender.