Roszdravnadzor withdrew medical equipment from the clinic, where the patients were diagnosed with a chakra disorder

The Territorial Authority of Roszdravnadzor for Moscow and the Moscow Region received information about poor quality medical care in a private clinic in the capital.

The territorial authority has successfully completed a test purchase.

A specialist of the Territorial Authority, under the guise of a patient, applied to Center Eliseeva LLC with complaints of poor health in the framework of a test purchase. Based on the results of diagnostic measures, a diagnosis of “parasitic invasion” was made. Also, an employee of a private clinic, based on the results of diagnostic measures with the use of special equipment, diagnosed “a violation in chakra 3 and chakra 5”. Immediately after the test purchase, the specialist of the Territorial Authority applied to the state medical organization, where the diagnosis of “parasitic invasion” was not confirmed.

An administrative offense case was initiated. As part of the administrative investigation, an inspection of the place of business was carried out.

In order to prevent harm to the life and health of citizens, medical devices were withdrawn from the clinic. An administrative investigation is ongoing.

The possibility of bringing an organization to administrative responsibility for the unlicensed implementation of medical activities and for violation of Russian legislation in the field of circulation of medical devices is being considered.

All materials of the investigation will be sent to law enforcement agencies to consider the issue of initiating a criminal case under the article “Fraud”.