Registration of medical products under EAEU rules

In case there is a need to legalize medical products in several markets of the Commonwealth countries at once, then registration under new EAEU Rules is what you need.

  • Registration Certificates obtained under EAEU rules are issued for indefinite period and remain valid after 2021, while there are currently no decisions on Registration Certificates issued under the national rules;
  • The validity of Registration Certificates obtained under EAEU rules can be extended to the following member countries of the Commonwealth: Russian Federation, Republic of Armenia, Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Registration under EAEU rules, in comparison with registration under the national rules, imposes stricter requirements for medical products and documents; therefore, the availability of a Registration Certificate issued under EAEU rules is a serious competitive advantage.

Below you can find the registration strategy under EAEU rules

However, this registration process has its own peculiarities with which our experts are familiar with and ready to lead your product towards a large market.

You have a choice:

  • to study the decisions of the Single Eurasian Economic Commission and reference documentation, trying to go through all the stages independently.
  • having agreed upon the conditions you need, to contact our organization for the Result.

The certificates issued based on advanced training and visits to seminars arranged by Roszdravnadzor and supervised expert organizations, and, most importantly, more than a thousand successfully implemented projects confirm the possession of relevant information by our experts.

Medexpert employs experts specializing in documents preparation, who have 18 years of experience and knowledge in the field of preparing documents for the purpose of registration of medical products manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In case you contact Medexpert to register a medical product under EAEU Rules, our experts will help you create a dossier that meets your goals and requirements, and go through the registration procedure as economically and time-effective as possible.

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