The State Duma has extended VAT exemptions for Russian medical devices for the period after December 31, 2021

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has extended the effect of value added tax (VAT) benefits on medical devices registered under Russian rules for the period after December 31, 2021. The amendments were adopted by the lower house of parliament in the third reading; if approved by the Federation Council and the President of the Russian Federation, the measure will be valid indefinitely.
Amendments to Art. 149 and Art. 164 of the Tax Code (TC) of the Russian Federation were introduced in the second reading into the bill on increasing state duties for the registration of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and then approved together with the bill in the third reading.

In the previous version of the Tax Code, the possibility of obtaining a zero rate and benefits extended to medical devices that had the EAEU registration certificate, or products validated according to Russian rules, but until December 31, 2021. In the new edition, the phrase “until December 31, 2021” is excluded, and the validity of the rule in relation to Russian registration certificates is not limited in time.