Licensing of particular types of activities is performed in order to prevent damage to rights, legally protected interests, life or health of citizens, environment, cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments) of the nations of the Russian Federation, the state defense and security, the possibility of which is associated with the implementation of particular types of activities by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Licensing of particular types of activities for other purposes is not allowed.

The objectives of licensing of particular types of activities are prevention, detection and suppression of violations of the requirements established by this Federal Law, other federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation adopted in accordance therewith, by a legal entity, its head and other officials, an individual entrepreneur, its authorized representatives. Compliance of a license applicant with these requirements is a prerequisite for granting a license, compliance with them by a licensee is mandatory when performing a licensed activity.

Licensed activities include activities whose performance may entail damage as specified in par. 1 of this article and which cannot be regulated by means other than licensing.

In accordance with the Federal Law “On Licensing of Particular Types of Activities” dated May 4, 2011 No. 99-FZ, manufacture and maintenance of medical equipment are subject to licensing (except the case when maintenance is performed to ensure own needs of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur).

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